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Hi can you please remove the image "peach sunset on the banks" accredited to claudia cortinez from your blog? that is an old painting of mine and that name is not the title for the piece. I would greatly appreciate it if you would remove the image. thank you!
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Will get to it over the weekend. Not sure how you’ll know tho, anon?

There’s always more, just when you think you’re on top of it!

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I dont even remember where i was, what I wore, who I loved… *dammit* I need to start keeping a journal!



Cant help but obsess about everything! *Dammit*

Samuel RousseauThe Tree and Its Shadow, 2008, video projection on natural tree branch

Art Aquarium Exhibition in Tokyo

Visitors watch “kingyo,” or goldfish, swimming in a polyhedral aquarium on the opening day of the Art Aquarium Exhibition in Tokyo. The annual exhibition produced by Hidetomo Kimura was the collaboration of Japan’s old Edo period atmosphere, modern technology and the kingyo, the organizer said.

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Minimize (by William Kass)


Roadsworth is a Canadian artist, active since 2001.

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Artist Hong Yi, aka Red, has been at it again in her usual style of painting without a paint brush. Her many fascinating methods of portrait creation have included projects like this melted wax used to form Adele’s face and the arrangements of sunflower seeds to form a portrait of Ai Weiwei. This time, Red’s depiction of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi simply features freshly cut flowers colored with red food dye.

After watching a movie that featured Aung San Suu Kyi’s struggles and fight for a democratic Burma, Red was inspired to capture the essence of such a strong woman who sacrificed so much in her life. Using fresh carnations and red food dye, the artist experimented with variations of shades of color as the food dye absorbed up into the petals of the flowers. She found that short stems resulted in the faster appearance of color and that although color would begin to appear after about a half hour, it took approximately 40 hours for the colors to reach maximum intensity.

This visually striking piece is 11.5x14.75 feet and involves 2,000 white carnations held in little plastic cups. Red said, “I hope the portrait does justice to ASSK, and I hope she will see this portrait some day and smile, knowing that not only the Burmese people appreciate and respect her, but hundreds of millions of people around the world too.”

She’s like nicotine
when I don’t talk to her
I crave her more and more
the urge is so strong
I want to smoke her like a cigarette
Tealia Imani 

We love Sha’an and her work… so check out her wall piece for General Pants Co.

Poetic Cosmos of the Breath, 2007 | Tomás Saraceno

Postcards from Google Earth, Clement Valla

Brooklyn-based artist Clement Valla, scours the algorithmic confines of Google Earth in search ruptures of the archive’s ‘universal texture’, the mapping method by which Google generates models of the planet’s surfaces. The three dimensional model, however, is characterized by a fluidity generated by two dimensional parameters. When texture coincides with picture plane and is subsequently stretched across 3d space, there are often seams at which the hyper-real representation betrays the dynamic data points that make up the map. Valla collects these incongruous seams and exposes the points where perception confronts reality.

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